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Ingolf Fra Holmslet of Klyde Consultants AS has held numerous courses and seminars on the subject of valves during the last 25 years. Some have been standard courses, whereas others have been specially developed for specific installations.

Ingolf has developed special courses for the land-based installations Kårstø, Tjeldbergodden, Snøhvit and Mongstad. He has also produced courses for a number of installations on the Norwegian Shelf. These courses focus on problem solving, and operating and servicing valves on the installations concerned.

Klyde Consultants offers the following valve courses:

3-5 day basic valve course

The duration of the course depends on the needs of the participants, and covers the basic principles for operating and handling different types of valves. Gate valves – Globe valves – Control valves – Ball valves – Butterfly valves – Choke valves – Relief valves – Check valves.

Who is the course for? This course is aimed at process personnel, instrumentation personnel, and mechanics, as well as for apprentices in these fields.

Course aims: The course aims to provide participants with the basic understanding of valves necessary to be able to work with valves safely and satisfactorily as part of the daily operation of an installation.

2-day course on valves with rising spindles

The course covers: Parallel gate valves – Wedge gate valves – Globe valves – Control valves

2-day course on valves with rotating spindles

Planned start – Autumn 2013

The course covers: Ball valves – Plug valves – Butterfly valves – Check valves

Who is the course for? These courses are intended for project personnel or leaders who are responsible for process equipment, treating, choosing, operating and maintaining valves.

Course aims: The courses aim to increase participant’s understanding of valves so that they will have necessary competence to make correct decisions when choosing valves, and understand the importance of correctly equipped valves. The courses aim to enable participants to conduct maintenance and problem solving on valves during operation, thus reducing the amount of downtime associated with valve work. Through the correct choices and use of valves, it is fully realistic to reduce valve-related costs by 10-40%.


8-hour valve courses for managers

In order to provide a 2-day valve course for those unable to participate on consecutive days, it is possible to order two 8-hour courses in different weeks. This applies to the courses: Valves with Rising Spindles and Valves with Rotating Spindles.

Aims and intended participants: Equivalent to the 2-day course.

2-8 hour valve seminar

Seminars of duration from 2 to 8 hours on any valve-related topic may be requested. Suggested seminar topics include:

  • Choosing valves
  • Maintaining valves
  • Extra equipment needed with valves
  • Testing valves during operation
  • Cleaning valves
  • Valve marking
  • Spindle seals
  • Choosing and using grease nipples
  • Valve sealing principles
  • Replacing spindle seals during operation
  • Valve functions
  • Operational problems related to valves
  • Cavitation in control valves
  • Operational problems with control valves
  • Installing valves
  • Locating grease nipples
  • Standardisation of grease nipples
  • The need for auxiliary valves

All courses and seminars may be held for small groups of at least 6 participants, or for larger groups of any size. Courses/seminars may be held on customer premises or at external conference centres, as preferred.

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